Which areas does this affect?


The hands, arms, shoulder, breast, chest, neck and face can all be affected by Lymphoedema. Veins and lymphatic vessels transport lymph through one-way valves to prevent the fluid from getting backed up. When damage occurs to the lymphatic system, this flow is interrupted and Lymphoedema can occur. While the circulatory system relies on the pumping mechanism of the heart, the Lymphatic system relies on the movement of muscle. If somebody is overweight or inactive for extended periods of time then the lymphatic system can slow down, meaning that the filtration of toxins and bacteria from the tissues is reduced.


What are the emotional effects of Lymphoedema?


Living with a drastic change in your appearance can be very difficult to adjust to, and it can place a great strain on an individual’s sense of identity. As well as the physical impairment, the risks associated with Lymphoedema include heavy and numb limbs as well as skin infections, which take regular and thorough skincare regimes to prevent. This can be demanding on the person who will have to adapt their lifestyle to help them to treat their condition. Even if a person is suffering from mild swelling, they may still find themselves limiting their social activities or may impose restrictions on their everyday life out of fear that the swelling could increase. Accepting that your body has changed can be challenging and you may feel insecure and self-conscious. People often find it helpful to talk about these feelings, and attending a support group or online support forum could help you to come to terms with this.


Cancer and upper body Lymphoedema?


According to the NHS website, 20% of women who have had treatment for breast cancer will develop Lymphoedema, if their treatment involved either surgery to remove lymph nodes or radiotherapy affecting the lymph nodes . Cancer treatment is often solely and understandably, focussed towards treating the cancer itself and working towards beating it. Lymphoedema is generally only briefly discussed as it doesn’t always appear immediately following treatment for cancer, but can become present months or even years later. This proportion of people who have already survived cancer and are then faced with the additional challenge of living with Lymphoedema can find their daily life significantly affected, as they make adjustments to reduce the chances of it worsening or complications from developing.


Post cancer Lymphoedema is more likely to occur in relation to the volume of lymph nodes a person has removed and the more radiation a person has around their armpit and chest. Other factors which can make a person more likely to develop the condition include obesity and lack of movement, as this slows down the lymphatic system causing the transportation of lymph to become less effective. Any part of the side of the body which has received treatment is at risk, for example the hand, arm, armpit, upper back or chest can all be affected. The emotional effects of developing lymphoedema after cancer can be significant as a person is affected psychosocially. The person may be cured of cancer, but they are now at risk of developing Lymphoedema and must live with that risk for the rest of their lives. This can be difficult to accept and may lead to stress and anxiety around trying to prevent it, resulting in a person’s quality of life being compromised.





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