Leg Ulcers

What is a leg ulcer?


Initially a small cut or break in the skin, people with arterial or venous insufficiency can have small wounds develop in to large open sores, most commonly found on the legs just inside the ankle. These are painful, itchy and swollen, and the skin around the outside of the ulcer can become hardened. The sore itself may be foul smelling, due to bacteria trapped inside the tissue. The ulcer should be regularly cleaned and compressed, and antibiotics are sometimes needed to help the body fight this bacteria.  Leg ulcers typically take a long time to heal due to the supply of oxygenated blood being disrupted, as white blood cells cannot reach the injury in enough volume to be able to treat it.


Each year, 280,000 people in the UK are treated for leg ulcers’

What is the difference between Arterial and Venous disease?


Arterial Ulcers develop when there is a reduced blood flow down to the leg from the heart, whereas venous leg ulcers occur when the blood is insufficiently flowing back up from the leg. Veins in the legs are designed to carry blood from your feet to your heart so that it can become oxygenated. Venous disease occurs when the one-way valves inside the veins sometimes become less effective which lead to the formation of clots (aka thrombosis). This can push the blood to flow the wrong way through the veins causing less oxygenated blood to reach the legs and meaning that blood pressure becomes very high. This high BP damages the skin and when there is even a tiny cut, it can quickly develop in to an open sore which takes a long time to heal.


‘Use IPC on top of standard compression bandages for improved heal rates when treating leg ulcers’

What makes a Leg Ulcer likely to develop?


People who are most at risk of developing leg ulcers are people with a limited level of mobility, this may be due to age or recovery from a big surgery such as a hip replacement meaning they must rest the affected body part. Difficulty walking can lead to the calf muscles becoming weak from inactivity, and this too can contribute to a poorer circulation in the legs, making a leg ulcer more likely. Being overweight increases the blood pressure in the limbs, and over time this damages the vein walls making them become weaker. As well as this, if a person has damaged valves inside their veins then this significantly increases their risk of developing a leg ulcer as the blood cannot move freely. This could have occurred through having previously had Deep Vein Thrombosis, or from having varicose veins, where the veins are visibly swollen and enlarged.


How can Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) help?


By firmly compressing the limb, you can improve blood flow by stimulating the circulatory system. As the garment compresses around the limb, blood is pushed through the veins and pressure increases. When the garment deflates, a rush of oxygenated blood flows back to the area. Venous disease occurs over a long period of time so the damage it creates is not easy to fix, and ulcers can often last for 3-4 months if not longer. They usually develop on the inside of the leg or ankle and are a common problem for elderly people, those suffering from diabetes, or people who have had Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT). Diabetic Ulcers occur when high blood sugar has damaged the blood vessels, and the blood supply going to the feet becomes restricted. If somebody gets a cut or blister on their foot, they might not feel it straight away but it can worsen and become infected.

IPC has been shown to effectively treat Leg Ulcers by improving the venous and arterial flow of blood to the bodies limbs. It can also be used preventively to encourage the circulation of oxygenated blood to the lower limbs and keep blood flowing through the veins at a rate which keeps the body healthy.


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