Back Pain


What does Cold therapy mean?


This is a broad term used to describe the use of low temperatures in medical therapy, also known as Cryo therapy. It is widely used to relieve muscle pain, swelling, sprains and soft tissue damage. It is becoming increasingly popular, brought in to the limelight by athletes who want to recover from intense exercise quicker, and with less damage to their bodies. Typically used on acute or chronic injuries to promote fluid re-absorption and speed up healing time, the Cryo systems are designed to provide targeted cold therapy relief to the affected limb, wherever this may be.


What is our back made from?


The back is made up of 24 bones (vertebrae) which fit together to support the weight of your body and protect the spinal cord which sends nerve signals to the brain. Intervertebral disks cushion these bones and act as shock absorbers, which allow the spine to bend. Vertebrae are held against these discs by ligaments, and tendons connect muscles to the vertebrae. The back is mostly made up of muscles and nerves which allow movement and flexibility. The lower section of the back is known as the ‘lumbar’ region, and this is comprised of 5 vertebrae. This area of the back is constantly under pressure, especially when a person is twisting and bending, or if you are lifting something.


How common is back pain and what causes it?


According to the NHS, almost 1 in 10 people in the UK are affected by back pain , and anyone of any age can suffer from it. Manual labour, contact sports, heavy lifting, poor posture and having had a fall are all possible reasons for somebody to experience back pain. In most cases, back pain disappears by itself after a few days. However, soft tissue injuries such as sprains, fractures, contusions and post-operative pain can be more challenging to treat. There are many factors which can cause back pain, ranging from lifting heavy items, muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured disks, skeletal irregularities or osteoporosis as well as many other health issues. Back pain can begin suddenly, or it can develop gradually, each case is different depending on age, weight and many other factors.


Cold therapy combined with compression?


Cold therapy works to reduce the swelling and inflammation which occurs with most soft tissue injuries. When an injury occurs, the body’s nerves react by sending pain signals to the brain, to alert it to the damage. Swelling usually forms around the injury to protect it from further harm. Intermittent compression gently pushes excess fluid from the swelling back in to the body to be filtered by the lymphatic system. This reduces inflammation by promoting the reabsorption of fluids. When the compression releases, a surge of freshly oxygenated blood flows to the injury, delivering white blood cells which contain healthy proteins which help the injury to heal faster. Cold temperature slows down nerve activity and reduces pain from the damaged tissue or joint, meaning that fewer pain killers would be needed. Our Cryo-tec products combine these two therapies to create a powerful dual treatment, targeted to help speed up the body’s natural healing process and get YOU back to the top of your game.


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